Mercedes-Benz presents - Mark Frauenfelder & Kevin Mack - Between Order and Chaos

The Avant/Garde Diaries // Mark Frauenfelder & Kevin Mack - Between Order and Chaos

Mark Frauenfelder is a writer, editor, and illustrator who came of age in the halcyon days of handmade zines and punk rock. He carried that DIY ethos with him as the co-founder and editor of the zine-turned-blog Boing Boing, which focuses on technology and inspiration. These days, he is the editor-in-chief of MAKE, a magazine that teaches and encourages do-it-yourself living. Frauenfelder introduces us to Kevin Mack, whose art takes the vast and still uncharted area of digital technology and brings it into the physical world. The results are images printed on canvas which vacillate between abstraction and photorealism, and virtual sculptures transformed into the tangible via three-dimensional printing technology.

The Avant/Garde Diaries was initiated by Mercedes-Benz as time-limited project featuring globally curated events and video interviews with the extraordinary .

Directed by Francesca Mirabella + Peter J. Brant
Produced by Benjamin Gilovitz 
Music by Nicholas Krgovich 
Sound design by Brent Kiser