narrative films

• Modern Love, (2016) 10:04 - *Festival Circuit* A young man who lives his life through social media, has an encounter with a young woman who challenges his ideals about sexual stereotypes.  He ultimately misunderstands her, and the discomfort of real intimacy has him retreat back into his world of social media.

 • In Defense of Wonder, (2016) 14:10 - *In Progress* A woman in her early 30’s retreats to the countryside to try and escape her anxiety and depression. But a casual encounter with a much younger man creates even more distress causing her to take a drastic action

   • Willow Creek Road 15:00 (2016) *In Progress*    Ruth, a lonely ranch hand in rural Montana, lives out her fantasy of motherhood for a day, after she encounters two children on the side of the road. Out of her comfort zone, Ruth is forced to confront herself.