Interlude 4

Interlude 4 from The Invisible Man An Orchestral Tribute to Dr. Dre

A music video by Francesca Mirabella
Song by Sly5thAve
Directed by Francesca Mirabella
Cinematography by Francesca Mirabella + Jamie Dack
Edited by Francesca Mirabella 

About the Album:
Multi-instrumentalist, arranger and producer Sly5thAve recorded an album of Dr. Dre covers with a full orchestra. This album is the result of a concert assembled by Sly5thAve, where some of the best musicians LA had to offer performed a benefit show dedicated to building a music school in Compton. The concert was attended by Dr. Dre – who took to the stage to congratulate Sly5thAve’s arrangements –and over 1,200 people who witnessed the first taste of his orchestral tribute to Dr. Dre’s legacy.

Listen Here: